ACER’s global research expertise in the vocational education and training sector supports leaders, policy makers, educators and learners.

Drawing on extensive expertise and networks in the vocational, adult and workplace education sector, ACER undertakes a broad range of research and program consultancies in youth and adult education, vocational and workforce education contexts in Australia and globally for institutions, industry, governments and a wide range of stakeholders.

Our research in vocational, adult and workplace education addresses core skills, adult language, literacy and numeracy, careers and vocational interest assessments, curriculum and standards development, quality and benchmarking services, teaching and learning consultancies, policy and program evaluation, surveys on pathways and transitions, psychometric and statistical analysis, and selection testing. 

Recent vocational, adult and workplace education research includes:

Policy research

Areas in which ACER’s vocational, adult and workplace education researchers have expertise include:

  • Learner access, participation and achievement
  • Transitions and pathways, with a particular focus on equity and disadvantage
  • Financing and resourcing in the vocational education training system

Assessment, selection and recruitment

ACER’s vocational, adult and workplace education research team has experience addressing:

  • Foundation skills and adult language, literacy and numeracy
  • Selection tools for recruitment and selection purposes


Researchers at ACER have developed vocational, adult and workplace education surveys, and selection and recruitment tools to inform improvement measures in the following areas:

  • Vocational education training programs for quality and compliance purposes
  • Impact of investment on the outcomes of vocational education training programs and workplace training
  • Individual and whole-of-organisation staff capability and potential